Great value travel insurance

Travel insurance policies

We offer five unique single trip policy options as

well as great savings on annual travel insurance.


Overseas single trip travel insurance

Overseas single trip

We provide 5 different levels of overseas travel insurance. Our overseas travel insurance is designed for many kinds of international trips, for travellers up to 64 years of age and for numerous worldwide destinations.


Single trip

Annual multi trip travel insurance

Annual multi trip


Do you clock up those frequent flyer miles? You'll save time and money if you buy an annual multi trip insurance policy. You'll have cover every time you travel, for journeys of up to 35 days or 60 days, no matter how many times you pack your bags during a 12-month period.


Annual trip


Travel insurance additional options

Whether you're an avid skier, thrill seeking junky or planning an important

business trip, Kango Cover has the perfect travel insurance add on:


Winter sports travel cover

Winter sports holiday insurance

Our ski travel insurance covers you for all sorts of snow sports. From skiing and snowboarding to heli-skiing and cat skiing. Just select our Winter Sports pack within the quote process.


Sports and activities cover

Sports & activities cover

Our Sports & Activities Cover will provide you with extra peace of mind if you're planning to be quite adventurous on your next trip. Simply select our sports and activities pack within the quote process.

Business insurance

Business trip insurance

If you're planning an important business trip than Kango Cover can provide you with travel insurance tailored your corporate travel needs.

Our Business Insurance Pack provides cover for loss or damage to business equipment, equipment hire, emergency courier expenses, loss or theft of business money and expenses for the replacement of staff to attend a planned overseas meeting if you are unable to attend due to Injury or Sickness.


High value items

High value items

Planning to take an expensive camera on your trip?

Make sure you add on high value items cover to your policy. Additional cover can be purchased for specified items* up to $4,000 for any one item.

*excluding jewellery, bicycles & watercraft other than surfboards.