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With Kango’s sports and activities package you can add cover to your policy for a range of activities, including bungee jumping (3 jumps maximum). Make sure you add the sports and activities pack to your quote and pay the additional premium for bungee jumping to be covered. You may not be covered for certain sports and activities automatically if you don't opt for the 'sports & activities pack'. Please refer to policy wording for full details.

Bungee jumping is a relatively safe way to experience the thrill and rush of freefall. However, it is only relatively safe when compared with diving head first off a building. Bungee jumping is still classed as an extreme sport, which means there are risks involved.

We’re no killjoys; we simply aim to give you the coverage you need to live your life to the fullest. Read on to find out why you need good quality insurance when embarking on a bungee jumping holiday.


What is Bungee Jumping?

Simply put, bungee jumping involves diving into thin air while strapped to a strong elasticated cord, also known as a bungee cord. The earliest bungee jumpers were the Pentecost Islanders of Vanuatu, who have been launching themselves off wooden platforms while attached to vines for centuries.

Modern bungee jumping is more sophisticated and much safer, but still has its own inherent risks, which is part of the appeal. As heart-in-the-mouth experiences go, bungee jumping is difficult to beat. Whether you choose to make your leap with the stunning Victoria Falls of Zimbabwe as your backdrop, or if you prefer to experience the unique thrills associated with diving into the active Pucon Volcano in Chile, you’re unlikely to get bored!


How do I Prepare for a Bungee Jump?

Preparation for a bungee jump can be divided into three categories; mental, physical and financial. Experiencing the effects of free-fall, even if only for a few seconds, can be a pretty terrifying prospect, particularly if you have a fear of heights. If you think panic could be an issue, practice some simple mental control exercises, such as diaphragmatic breathing, in the weeks leading up to your jump.

The physical strain that a bungee jump places on your body is not to be underestimated. If you have any history of injuries to your neck or to other vulnerable joints, contact a doctor before you jump to ensure that they have sufficiently healed and are able to handle the strain.

Last but certainly not least, your financial preparation should involve taking out adequate insurance cover to protect you in the event that you require medical treatment. This is particularly necessary if you are planning to do a bungee jump on holiday abroad, where hospital bills can mount quickly.

Many travel insurance providers will not cover you in the event of an injury incurred while bungee jumping, but we are different; we don’t want to spoil your fun!


What Sort of Risks are Involved?

So, what about the actual risks? Despite the extreme nature of the sport, very few people are killed while bungee jumping and – thankfully! – very few injuries are caused by participants actually hitting the ground.

While you are unlikely to be killed or seriously injured, minor – but still painful – injuries are common amongst bungee jumpers. The rapid acceleration followed by a sharp deceleration has been known to cause whiplash, sprained or dislocated of joints and, rather gruesomely, detached retinas and other eye issues.

Bungee jumpers also run the risk of getting a nasty rope burn if they become entangled in the cord following their jump. This might seem a fairly trivial injury, but tell that to someone who has just experienced it and they are unlikely to agree with you. Any of these injuries could require medical treatment, which could in turn lead to hefty bills; therefore, top quality insurance is vital.

Kango Cover provides cover for bungee jumping and a wide range of other activities. Get a quote today!  


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