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With Kango’s sports and activities package you can add cover to your policy for a range of activities, including surfing. Make sure you add the sports and activities pack to your quote and pay the additional premium for surfing to be covered. You may not be covered for certain sports and activities automatically if you don't opt for the 'sports & activities pack'. Please refer to policy wording for full details.

You won’t find many cooler pastimes than surfing. This iconic sport has captured the imaginations of filmmakers, musicians and fans of a good time for decades. Want to try it for yourself? We don’t blame you, but remember to make sure that your insurance has got your back!


Where to go?

Simply put, bungee jumping involves diving into thin air while strapped to a strong elasticated cord, also known as a bungee cord. The earliest bungee jumpers were the Pentecost Islanders of Vanuatu, who have been launching themselves off wooden platforms while attached to vines for centuries.

Modern bungee jumping is more sophisticated and much safer, but still has its own inherent risks, which is part of the appeal. As heart-in-the-mouth experiences go, bungee jumping is difficult to beat. Whether you choose to make your leap with the stunning Victoria Falls of Zimbabwe as your backdrop, or if you prefer to experience the unique thrills associated with diving into the active Pucon Volcano in Chile, you’re unlikely to get bored!


Jeffrey’s Bay, Eastern Cape South Africa

South Africa’s world famous J-Bay is renowned for its quality surf, and for good reason! Expect big waves, impressive tubes and the surf experience of a lifetime.


Gold Coast, Australia

Australia’s Gold Coast has become almost synonymous with surfing. If you don’t mind the crowds, head up to Superbank, home to one of the world’s most talked about breaks. Surfing here should be high on the bucket list of any boarder.


Rincon, Puerta Rico

The popularity of Rincon may have exploded in recent years, but there are still plenty of surprises to be had here. A true boarders’ paradise, Rincon deserves thorough exploration. Those that give Rincon the time it warrants will be rewarded with stunning surf spots that have somehow remained unnoticed by the tourists.


Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada

It gets a bit chilly around Tofino, so a good quality wetsuit is a must! For those who are not willing to let a little thing like the cold get in the way of great surf times, a trip to Tofino on Western Canada’s Vancouver is incredibly rewarding. Expect technical challenges for advanced surfers, and enough fun and games to give beginners and intermediates a suitable learning curve, all set against an incredible backdrop.


Before You Go: A Checklist

  • Pack your trusty surfboard

Chances are you want to travel with your own board, so you need to make sure that it is adequately packed and protected. Use pipe insulation to protect the edges of your board from damage in transit, and secure the insulation with a liberal application of packing tape. 

Remove the fins and store them in a safe place, and add bubble wrap to the deck of the board (secured with more packing tape) to provide an extra layer of protection before placing it into its travel bag.


  • Do your research

What’s the water temperature like in the place you’re heading? What’s the weather forecast? What sort of wetsuit will you need to take? These are all questions you need to find out the answer to before you set out on your trip.


  • Check your insurance cover

Many insurance companies will not insure you for surfing trips or for damage to your surfboard en route. Double check your cover to make sure that surfing is included and to ensure that you are protected. Doing this before you go eliminates the risk of any nasty – and expensive – surprises.


What about the Dangers?

Insurance cover is vital for one reason and one reason only: surfing can be a little dangerous! While the movies will tell you that the main thing for surfers to be wary of is sharks, attacks on humans by our finny submarine friends are actually rather rare. In 2014, there were only 72 confirmed unprovoked shark attacks worldwide, with the vast majority of these proving non-fatal. That said, heed the warnings, and if the local authorities tell you there is a shark danger, believe them!

Far more dangerous are rip-tides and strong currents. Even if you are a competent swimmer, you may find yourself swept into difficulty by one of these coastal hazards, particularly if you are surfing in an unfamiliar place, so always pay attention to what lifeguards and other surfers tell you.

Other dangers – such as being knocked unconscious by your board, or becoming incapacitated by a poisonous stonefish – are also of concern to surfers. Try not to surf alone, look after yourself and those around you, and you should be fine.

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