How bad weather can affect your trip

(and what you can do about it)


Bad weather is one of the main reasons why flights get delayed or even cancelled altogether. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it, unless you’re well prepared in the event disaster strikes. But cancelled flights aren’t the only thing bad weather can cause: cancelled activities, loss of deposits, non-refundable booking fares, being snowed in, and so much more are just some other examples. If weather is not on your side, chances are your trip will be ruined no matter how many days you’ve spent planning it.

We’ve explored all potential impacts of bad weather when you’re travelling, and how to deal with the consequences — effectively!


1. Delayed or cancelled flights

Some delays are temporary in nature, so you may not need to wait a very long time until the takeoff. At this point, keeping yourself entertained with a good book or your favourite smartphone app would be your best bet. Time flies easier when you have an occupation, and this holds true for waiting for your flight as well.

If the flight is cancelled altogether, you have a few options:

  • Do nothing: if you choose not to anything about the cancelled flight, your airline will either refund your money, or book you on another flight, free of charge. Keep in mind that this might be a few days later, and not necessarily on the next available flight.
  • Rebook the flight: Get in touch with the airline to rebook the flight. You will want to act quickly, as everybody else will also hurry to get on the next available flight. Instead of waiting in line to talk to one of the agents, consider contacting the airline by calling their customer service, or by leaving them a message via Twitter or other social media networks.
  • Cancel the flight: If the next available flight is days away, cancelling the current one will be the best option. However, do remember that cancelling the flight may incur penalties, so make sure to ask around to see if you’ll be paying anything (although it’s unlikely).


Cancelled activities

Have you planned some interesting activities and even booked in advance, only to realise they’ve been cancelled due to bad weather? It can happen anytime, and unless your deposit is refundable, there is not much you can do about it. Call the company or organisation arranging the activity, and ask if you can get a refund, or if they can move out dates. Politely explain that bad weather has cancelled the activity, and ask for assistance.

If you got travel insurance before your departure, making a claim will help you recuperate some of the money you’ve lost in the process if the business refuses to give you a refund.


Being snowed in

Snowstorms are great if you’re planning on going on a ski vacation — after all, that’s why you’re going there in the first place. But being snowed in isn’t funny, particularly if it lasts for longer than a few hours. First, check if there’s any gas or electricity. If not, get very well dressed, because the temperature is going to decrease, and the room/cabin will get cold. If you have any food stored in the fridge, avoid opening it at all costs so the coolness doesn’t slip out, and your food stays fresh.

If your phone is working, see if you can contact the owner of the cabin, or the customer service (if staying at a hotel, hostel, inn or motel). You may be snowed in for several days, but worry not — try to stay calm and reasonable. When possible, do anything to keep yourself entertained and positive. Think that help is on the way, and you will not be snowed in for very long. Bad weather happens, and when Mother Nature changes her plans for your trip, there’s not much you can do about it but stay positive.


Travel insurance is fundamental

There’s one thing you can do to avoid the consequences of bad weather: have travel insurance in place. Not only will this cover the costs of delayed/cancelled flights (and rebooking a new flight), cancelled activities and lost deposits, but will also offer additional protection in the event you are injured due to bad weather. Check out Kango Cover’s insurance plans to learn how you can protect your travelling experience without breaking the bank!


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