Frequently asked questions


  • Why should I always get travel insurance?
  • Travelling can be an exciting, eye-opening adventure. It can also be unexpectedly expensive - especially if you have an accident, get sick, lose your passport, or are stuck in an airport for days on end. 
    That’s why travel insurance is essential. It’s peace of mind, and it’s surprisingly affordable. Especially when you shop around online for the best travel insurance policy for you.


  • How can I buy Kango Cover travel insurance?
  • You can no longer purchase new policies with Kango.  Please visit Zoom Travel Insurance at for great value travel insurance no matter where you're zooming to.


  • When should I take out travel insurance?
  • Well that is completely up to you. You can purchase up to 12 months before you travel or 5 seconds before you get on the plane.What you need to consider it that you are covered for cancellation as soon as you purchase the policy. This means that should you become ill or injured before you travel, you are covered for your cancellation costs, assuming you have taken out a plan that covers you for cancellation costs and up to the amount that this plan states. 


  • What Do I Do If I Lose My Policy Documentation
  • If you lose your policy documents, please call us on 1300 881 994 or email


  • How do I know I am covered?
  • As soon as your payment for the insurance is made, we will send you a Certificate of Insurance and Policy Documents by email. You will also receive a text message containing your 24 Hour Emergency Assistance phone number.


  • How long does it take to apply for travel insurance?
  • How quickly can you talk? It only takes a few minutes. Taking out travel insurance is a very straight forward process, we have about 4 questions to ask you unlike car or home insurance.


  • Where are your Sydney offices?
  • You’ll find us at:
    Level 12
    338 Pitt St


  • How do I contact you once I’m overseas?
  • There are several ways of contacting us from overseas.
    Depending on why you want to contact us, please use the numbers below:

    Policy Enquiries and Extensions (non claims related): +61 2 8503 9951

    From Overseas:
    Medical Emergency Only: (+) 61 2 8015 6287
    Missed Flights / Travel Delay: (+) 61 2 8015 6287
    All Other Assistance Enquiries: (+) 61 2 8015 6287


  • What is a dependant?
  • Your children or grandchildren not in full-time employment who are under the age of 21 and travelling with you on the Journey. Family cover provides cover for any two adults named on the Certificate of Insurance travelling together, including spouse, de facto or adult Travelling Companion plus their financially dependant children under 18 years travelling with them.


  • Do you cover for pre-existing medical conditions?
  • Please read this section carefully.
    Travel insurance only provides cover for emergency Overseas medical events that are unforeseen.
    Medical conditions that were pre-existing at the time of the policy being issued are not covered, unless they are a condition that we expressly agree to cover.
    If you have a Pre-existing Medical Condition that is not covered by this policy, we will not pay any claims arising from, related to or associated with that condition. This means that you may have to pay for an Overseas medical emergency and any associated costs which can be prohibitive in some countries.
    A pre-existing medical condition is:
    - Any medial or physical condition, defect, disease or illness including any metal illness of which you were aware or should reasonably have been aware, and for which treatment, medication, preventative medication, advice, preventative advice or investigation have been received or prescribed by a medical or dental adviser in the 90 days before the certificate of insurance was issued; or
    - Any chronic or ongoing (whether chronic or otherwise) medical or dental condition, illness or disease of which you were aware or should reasonably have been aware, and which is medically documented or under investigation prior to the issue of the certificate of insurance; or
    - Any surgery which you have undergone in the past 12 months; or
    - Pregnancy
    - Any of the above conditions which are the subject of an investigation , even if the condition has not been diagnosed 


  • What do I do if I need to make a claim?
  • If you need to make a claim please review the ‘Make A Claim’ section of our website it will detail the steps to make a claim.


  • Are kids covered for free?
  • All of Kango Cover’s travel insurance policies cover kids at no additional cost. Your child is eligible if they are financially dependent, under twenty one (21) years, are travelling together with a parent or grand-parent for 100% of the holiday, and are named on the Certificate of Insurance.


  • What is Kango Cover’s age limit?
  • Kango Cover offers good value travel insurance for people up to the age of 74 years. 


  • Are you ready for adventure?
  • We automatically cover you for a wide range of activities while you’re away, however some activities require an additional premium. The full list of sports and activities covered by the Adventure Pack can be found on page 40 of the PDS.


  • What advice can you give me regarding vaccinations?
  • The three R’s of travel vaccination: 1. Routine Vaccinations (childhood or adult vaccinations)

    • Tetanus/diphtheria • Polio • MMR • Influenza • Pneumococcal • Varicella 2. Required Vaccinations 

    When crossing international borders certain vaccinations are required.
    • Yellow Fever • Cholera • Meningococcal 3. Recommended Vaccinations

    There are some vaccinations recommended when travelling overseas specific to your destination.
    These may include: • Hepatitis A • Hepatitis B • Typhoid • Japanese Encephalitis • Poliomyelitis • Rabies • Cholera

    Please see your GP at least eight weeks before travel regards to vaccinations needed for your trip.