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Renowned for its rugged mountains, active volcanoes, freezing glaciers, geothermal activity and abundant wildlife, New Zealand offers stunning backdrops and unforgettable road trips. If you’re planning to visit the country and want to get the most out of your trip, choosing one of New Zealand’s astounding road trips will be a marvelous, one-of-a-kind opportunity.

We’ve outlined some of the most desirable road trips in New Zealand below.


Auckland and the Bay of Islands Road Trip

If you are the type of person who prefers driving, then the route from Auckland to the Northland and Bay of Islands will certainly be a perfect fit for you. Encompassing the beauty of the northern coast and the metropolitan city of Auckland, the road trip offers magnificent views of dolphins dotted among the Bay of Islands, as well as vineyards in the Wahike Island. A week is the perfect amount of time you need to explore the region between Auckland and the Bay of Islands. Thanks to the short driving distances, you can enjoy the fauna and flora of New Zealand to the fullest.


North Island: Auckland to Wellington

Make the most of your trip to New Zealand by embarking on a car ride from Auckland to Wellington in the North Island. Having provided the backdrop to Lord of the Rings, this road trip will allow you to discover a host of geothermal delights, from Rotarua’s bubbling geysers to the volcanic crater of Lake Taupo. The route goes through the wine regions of Marlborough, offering the most breathtaking scenery all the way to the lively city of Wellington.


South Island: Christchurch South Loop

Filled with fun and lots of surreal views, the Christchurch South Loop in the South Island is nothing short of spectacular. Taking you on an amazing journey through the unspoilt landscape of the country, this road trip goes from Christchurch to the exciting Queenstown, winding through the stunning Milford Sound and Southlands. You will have the unique opportunity to spot the rare yellow-eyed Penguin in the Caitlins, admire the starry skies of Lake Takapo, and then finish back in Christchurch.


The Do’s and Don’t’s of Hiring a Car in NZ

  • Check the Car Before You Drive Away
  • Not all cars are in good condition, so a complete inspection is needed to determine if everything is alright. Check the history of the car, which includes ownership history, security interests and police interests. Make sure there is no money owing on it, as the debt will be transferred to you, meaning you risk spending hundreds or even thousands!


  • Travel to NZ When Car Hire Is at Its Cheapest
  • Typically, car rentals are scarcer and pricier in October/November, and more common and inexpensive in March/April. If you can’t afford spending a fortune on a car hire, travel to NZ when car hire is at its cheapest.


  • Always Rent Your Car from a Reliable Dealer
  • If someone approaches you about the opportunity to rent a car at a lower price, make sure he’s a reliable car dealer with a good history, positive reviews and recommendations from past customers. Research the company and read other people’s reviews to see what their experience was like.


  • Get Vehicle Excess Cover
  • What if you accidentally damage the car during your stay in New Zealand? Paying for repairs is usually expensive, so you’ll want to check out Kango’s Big Red and Eastern Grey cover levels, as they both offer vehicle excess cover. These insurance policies cover theft, damage to windows, tyres, undercarriage and the roof, so you’ll be saving thousands in the event that something bad happens to the car. Both Big Red and Eastern Grey cover levels provide up to $4,000 of coverage.


The perfect choice for Aussie travelers, Kango’s vehicle excess cover provides the most competitive prices and the right amount of coverage to save you big bucks. Stay happy and worry-free by choosing either the comprehensive Big Red policy, or the budget-friendly Eastern Grey cover level. Start your trip to New Zealand by getting a quote today.


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