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If you are planning a trip to Thailand, be prepared to see some of the world’s most exciting scenery. From the city of Bangkok to the beaches and jungles, travellers can expect to be dazzled.

When travelling to Thailand, you will want to make sure that you and those you travel with are safe. Overall, Thailand is a safe place to visit. However, all travels can pose personal safety risks; it is best to have travel insurance, be aware, and minimize potential troubles.

Some general safety precautions and travel tips include:


Some general safety precautions and travel tips include:

Current state of affairs 

Thailand is not exempt from political or other tensions. You can check out local conditions before and during your travels by going to websites such as the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Pay special attention to any recent terrorist attacks and any advice on areas to avoid.


Natural disasters 

Thailand’s main natural threat comes from their heavy rains. The rainy season runs May to October, except in Koh Sumai and the south-east side of the Thai peninsula which runs March to November. In most areas, the largest risk of flooding and landslides is during the height of monsoon season, September and October. Lakes, waterfalls and caves are especially prone to flash flooding.



Whether you are using cash or travellers checks, try to carry just what you will need for the day and leave the rest locked up in your hotel. Be discrete when paying with cash. Don’t pull a wad of money out of your wallet or purse, only display what you need to pay.

Credit fraud exists everywhere. When paying with a credit card, be sure to check the totals on your receipt. Try to keep your card in sight at all times.



You would be best advised to leave valuable jewellery at home. If you must bring jewellery on your trip, leave it in a hotel safe when you are not wearing it.



When you arrive at your hotel, be sure to ensure your safety by doing a quick check of the room and surroundings. Make sure your room has secure locks. Find the nearest fire escape. You will need a safe for valuables. If your room doesn’t have a safe, ask to use the hotel safe.



You have a few transportation options in Thailand. You can rent cars in Thailand, however unless you know your way around, it probably isn’t going to be your best choice. If you are with a tour group, you won’t want or need a rental car. Most of your transportation will probably be taken care of. Should you want to go out in the evening, taxis are probably your best bet. Everyone who visits Thailand must ride in a tuk-tuk at least once. When riding in a taxi or tuk-tuk, keep your conversations with the driver businesslike and do not pay until you are safely at your destination. Also, do not allow them to take you on any scenic routes. Tours are a better option for sightseeing.

Other transportation options are busses, the BTS Skytrain, boats, ferries, trains, motorbikes and scooters. Should you decide to ride a motorbike or scooter, don’t wear any jewellery that could be grabbed by a passer-by.

The type of transportation you choose will depend on where you are and where you are heading. Check with your hotel. They should be able to recommend the most efficient and safest mode of transportation.


Night life

Bangkok is known for its vast array of clubs, bars and nighttime entertainment venues. If you plan to enjoy some of the rooftop bars, clubs or shows, be sure to keep safe. Never leave your drink unattended. Sadly, drugging of drinks is an occurrence that does happen. Don’t flash your cash. Moreover, never leave a bar with a stranger!

Lastly, you will want to consider travel insurance. The added protection of travel insurance will help put your mind at ease when in Thailand. There are many different insurance plans offered by Kango Cover. From vacationer packages, to sports enthusiasts or business travellers, they’ve got you covered for your next trip. Get a quote today. 


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