What is travel insurance?


Flights get cancelled. Bags get lost. People get food poisoning and have accidents. Admit it, you often think of these as other people’s problems, they’re not going to happen to you. Unfortunately no matter how well prepared you are, the only certainties in life are death and taxes (and that includes additional luggage fees!) And if the unfortunate occurs, it is crucial that you are covered.

Travel Insurance as a way of protecting yourself against any unforeseen circumstances. It helps you and your family financially and in emergency situations if events like the following happen.


You make it, your bags don’t

There’s nothing like the fear of being the last person at the baggage carousel only to see that the last suitcase through the plastic flaps isn’t yours. If you’re insured? No need to worry. Travel insurance will pay for your luggage and may even provide an allowance to purchase necessaries to tide you over until you are reunited with your possessions. 



The safest thing to do if you are being robbed or held up is to do as you’re told, hard as that may be, and hand over your stash. This could be the end of your trip before it even starts, as you’re likely to be relieved of your cash, credit cards and passport. Travel insurance companies can help you out with emergency cash and will provide expert know-how in getting a replacement ID.


Accidents happen

People often lose their inhibitions while travelling, and this means you’re much more likely to take risks you normally wouldn’t at home, and these risks can lead to injury. Most foreign hospitals will expect you to settle your bill before you leave the country, and because travellers are often charged a premium, you may not have the necessary cash available. Regular health insurance covers my help cover up to 80% of the cost, but the remaining balance will be left up to you. Travel insurance companies normally cover 100% of hospital expenses.


You need to make tracks, fast!

Luckily we live in a stable political environment, however millions of others do not share this luxury, and revolutions and coups can be a regular occurrence. These upheavals can cause havoc to state run systems such as health and transport, which spells danger and can leave you injured and stranded. Travel insurance companies will provide medical and emergency evacuation in the event of an emergency.



There are a million and one reasons why you might have to unexpectedly cancel your trip. If you don’t have travel insurance, that’s money down the gurgler, but if you are covered travel insurance will reimburse you for any losses.



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